A few years back I was unhappy with my energy level and thought I wanted to lose some weight and be in better shape but felt lost on how to accomplish this or where to even start.

I had a friend who on Facebook was starting each day with some Bible verses and going to workouts and doing some marathons. My friend encouraged others to make a change and to start doing something to get to a better health level.

I had started with my doctor and made some life changes and had started a light stretching and strengthening routine each morning.

My friend offered a Health Care online class that my wife and I signed up for. The information was very informative and eye opening.

I started a routine of sharing Bible verses and motivational quotes and expanding my stretching routine to a small workout and tried to walk at least 30 min each day .

Along with trying to incorporate some of the nutrition and diet changes suggested from the online course and I started seeing some results.

I have been able to continue my nutrition and exercise program and have been successful in dropping and keeping weight off. I happy to report I’m down 50lbs for over 2 years now and I have even done 3 walking 5ks placing 1st in one and 2nd in another even after stopping to help a fellow competitor that had fallen and needed assistance.

I would recommend Beth as a great resource for anyone looking for a way to get started on a better life.

Keith Wade